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Feather in Sand - Vertical by shagie Feather in Sand - Vertical by shagie
After a day (August 17th) of shooting black and white at Muir Beach overlook along highway 1 (California coast) a friend and I went to see how the sunset looked at Stinson Beach. The sunset wasn't too spetacular (no clouds high up to be painted with reds and oranges - just the sun dipping behind a thick marine layer and lots of lens flare). Prior to that (waiting) we noticed a feather that was stuck in the sand.

This shot was with the 105mm macro lens opened up almost all the way - giving a very narow depth of field. While the landscape version does nicely the mini-dunes in focus, the vertical one with the horizon in the frame felt better with it out of focus (and there was no way I was going to be able to get stoped down far enough to get more in focus and hold the camera steady at the same time that close to the ground without making a scene with my tripod and fiddling with it for a few minutes - as light was fading away).

The photo was taken with a 105mm macro lens on a Nikon N80 with Kodak E100GX (giving a slightly warmer tint to the photograph).

See also Feather in Sand - Landscape
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wingedreflections Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2005   Photographer
this picture is AMAZING! it makes me think and feel sooo many different things! very well done! i like how you focused on the fore/middle ground rather than the whole thing. its great! well done!


triadic Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2004  Professional Photographer
I love your shallow depth of field in this shot... can be very powerful if used appropriately.
seb-w Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2003   Photographer
This deviation deserves a lot more feedback, your other stuff as well.

Is the Nikon N80 the american version of our F80 ?

Thank you so much for the complete answer in the forum, could I get back to you for more information ?

shagie Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2003
Thank you.

Yes, the N80 is the American F80. As a side note, on that side of the pond you've got a beautiful gem in the F80 lineup - the F80S. It imprints the f/stop and shutter speed between each frame. For some reason, Nikon never sold that version in the US.
seb-w Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2003   Photographer
Thanks for the info ! I see on that there's the F80S and F80D available, but.. can you tell me what differences of prices there are between the F80 and F80S/D.. many thanks !
shagie Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2003
The base body is the Nikon N80 or F80. From that, the Nikon F80D is the same as the Nikon N80QD - Quartz Date imprinting. The F80S is has exposure information imprinted (see [link] bh features page )- I believe the back also has the date impriting feature. Pricewise: the F80S is about $450, the F80 would run about $340, and the F80D would run about $360. However, these are prices for import versions in the US - I don't know the cost abroad. For more detailed info see [link] and example of the imprint.
lovekitten27 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2003
i wish the entire picture was in focus.
lyn-gordon Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2003
The light here is magical! I'm :+fav: this now! And for being such an accomplished photographer with an amazing store of technical knowledge, you get to be on my devwatch too! ;)
gremlindesign Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2003   Photographer
Great depth of field and interesting textures. The harsh sand vs. the soft feather, great contrast.
boomslice Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2003
I'm a digital photographer and never really understood how the variations in film could influence the color. I've been told that Fuji film is greener?

In any case, it's interesting to see the things that a traditional film photographer can use to influence the final product.
shagie Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2003
With film, each brand (and even each type of film within the brand) have certain charetistics. Look at [link] and you will see a set of cols refering to curve density - and that each film is diffrent. Unfortunately, I cannot find an article I once saw that had a comparison - side by side, of photos taken with Kodakachrome 64, Velvia 50, Ektachrome 100 and Provia. On a larger scale, there is slide film designed for tungsten lighting that alters the white point for the film.

Fuji film tends to be a bit greener, or rather, more senstive to the greens and the variations. Velvia has saturated colors, and provia is a tuned down velvia. Kodak films tend to be warmer and as Paul Simon said... Kodachrome, they give us those nice bright colours

Many times, photographers learn one or two sets of film (I know Velvia and E100 reasonably) and have an idea as to what film will bring out what colors in the photograph. With slide film, there is no printing process - no way for the lab to adjust the levels of color in a print (sky washed out? oh well, we'll add a bit more cyan to it... there...).

This is just the film - most film photographers have a reasonable set of filters to use too (especialy slide photographers - as mentioned we can't modify the colors in the lab). Warming and cooling filters to get the white balance right (or wrong if you want it that way), graduated filters to account for a greater range in light than the film can handle (sunsets), or enhancing (look up didymium and see what that does to reds).

Further reading:
[link] - E100G and E100GX
[link] - E100VS film
[link] - a bit I wrote on slide film on another site.
[link] - comparisons of color films
[link] - some comparisons of films
ladyo Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2003
It's odd...there are so many feelings I get from this photo...just from a feather in gives me a feeling of something lost..a memory....yet it also gives me a feeling of hope....I don't know....amazing shot really..
katsarloki Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2003
Brilliant macro. Perfect! :+fav:
mermaiden Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2003
I much prefer this to the landscape version - it reminds me of a quote from Magritte; "Art is poetry, and poetry is mystery".
The way you've captured the extraordinary in the ordinary is wonderful.
youamuseme Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2003   Photographer
wow...thats just an amazing shot...great job
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